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    Bayern Handwerk International (BHI) is the export promotion agency for Bavarian skilled crafts. Our organisation is supported by the six Bavarian chambers of skilled crafts together with the Bavarian Ministry of State Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology.


    The export of products and services provides new markets and opportunities. Pre-condition will be expert knowledge of international commercial dealings. We support members of our craft organisation in opening up new export markets and provide information on rules and regulations for export documents. In addition we organise common stands at international fairs.


    Our location: headquarters in Nuremberg, branches in Munich and Pilsen (Czech Republic).


    Skilled craft sector in Bavaria in figures

    - Skilled crafts provide individual and high quality services and products for industrial economy as well as for end-consumers.


    - Skilled craft companies in Bavaria: approx 202.067


    - Employees:                                   approx. 891.400


    - Turnover: 10% of the Bavarian gross national product is realized in export, Bavarian skilled crafts provide 14% of the jobs and 31% of the apprenticeship training.


    - Export activities: 5% of the total turnover is realized in international markets. 10% of the companies are active in foreign business transactions. 90% of their export business is made in the EU member states.


    - Membership to the regional chamber of skilled crafts is compulsory. The regional chamber represents the interests of the craft sector vis à vis the political institutions and the public administration.

    In Bavaria there are six chambers of skilled crafts:


    Chamber of Crafts for
    Middle Franconia

    Munich and Upper Bavaria

    Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate

    Upper Franconia


    Lower Franconia


    EU-consulting network

    The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is an organisation of the EU-commission which has been founded for the information and consultation for European companies. Bayern Handwerk International is one of the EEN-members in the network. All participating organisations will support small and medium- sized enterprises to tap the full potential for business and innovations. For this purpose the network provides information and practical advice on EU funding opportunities and EU statutory provisions. In addition the companies will get practical assistance for the entry into new markets and the search for suitable business partners in other countries. Small and medium sized companies will get support in the technical preparation and active marketing measures of innovative product ideas and will benefit from the transfer of technology from universities and research centres to the companies.


    Your contact for EEN subjects

    Tamar Turiello  
    Fon +49 89 51 19-354

        logo_kommission-en   EEN_Logo_en


    Contact for companies outside of Germany who would like to get in contact with Bavarian enterprises

    Ewald Denzler
    Fon +49 911 586856-20

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